Frequently Asked Questions


Some of your Questions:

Below we have listed some of the most commonly asked questions from the community in regard to the project, if a question you have has not been listed here drop us an email by heading over to the contact page.

What is the NFT Pixel Project?
Inspired by the very popular Million Dollar Homepage, the NFT Pixel Project is a limited release community designed NFT created by the community for the community. There are one million pixels available on the canvas, but the contents of each pixel are decided by you. Every person who adds an image to the canvas is leaving their own mark on the NFT and in return receives the NFT once the project is complete.
How did you come up with the idea?
The idea was inspired by ‘The Million Dollar Hompage’, a viral website from 2005 that allowed people to purchase pixels on the website and display an image of their choosing which would also include a backlink to their website. Most of the people purchasing the pixels back then were doing so for two main reasons; to advertise their website, or to leave their mark in history. Now, leaving a mark in history may seem a little overkill, but that website was an internet first and it went viral. Those images on the website are still there today and will continue to remain until the site is no more.

We wanted to take the idea a step further and into modern times; with all of the technology at our disposal and the emergence of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and NFT’s this just felt like the perfect project. Our goal is to create a community designed NFT, something that people could get behind and leave their own mark on, but to take this further we also wanted to ensure that there is a real incentive for people to contribute, which is why every contributor to the NFT Pixel Project is rewarded with an NFT.
How much does it cost?
Contributing to the project and adding your image is completely free for the first 50,000 pixels on the canvas. After these are all sold the pricing will use a tiered structured starting at 0.000005 Bitcoin per pixel. We use CoinPayments for our crypto payments allowing you to pay with Bitcoin, but we also accept payments with Ethereum or Litecoin which will be converted to Bitcoin using the current live CoinPayments exchange rates.
What do I get in return?
You will receive an exclusive NFT of the final artwork, as well as being a part of NFT history and having your name on the NFT Pixel Project website with a link to your website if you have one or choose to do so.
How many people will receive the final NFT?
The number of people who will receive an NFT is dependant on how many people contribute to the project with their artwork, this is because every contributor receives an NFT but only a limited number of space is available on the canvas. There are one million pixels available on the canvas, with the minimum image size set to 10x10 pixels (100 total pixels) it would take 10,000 users to fill the canvas, resulting in a maximum of 10,000 NFT’s being distributed. Although, we estimate the number will be much lower, as an example an average contributor image size of 20x20 pixels (400 total pixels) would require only 2,500 user images to fill the canvas, resulting in only 2,500 NFT’s being distributed to those contributors.
When will I get my NFT?
Once all the pixels are filled, the project is complete and we will start production of everyone's NFT. We will hold a main auction to raise money for charity and to cover the gas fees associated with sending the NFT to the wallet addresses of everyone who contributed to the completed NFT. We really appreciate your support and patience. We expect you to receive the NFT within 2-3 weeks after completion of the main auction.
What type of images are banned?
We strictly do not allow images, content or links to websites that include the following:
  • Hate Speech
  • Pornographic Material
  • Gore
  • Why is a 10x10 pixel image the smallest that I can add?
    The minimum image size that you can add to the canvas is 10x10 pixels, if it was any smaller it would be barely visible.
    How long will the pixels be available?
    Once the pixels are sold the project is complete and you will no longer be able to purchase pixels and contribute to the NFT Pixel Project. How long this will take is dependant on how quickly all of the pixels are purchased. We’re working very hard to promote the project and gain traction, so if you’re a contributor we sincerely thank you and if you can, please share the NFT Pixel Project so that it can be completed sooner.
    Can anybody cover my image with theirs?
    No! You paid for the pixels and they are yours to do with as you please.
    Will my image be removed?
    Your image will never be removed. Once the final NFT is complete and has been distributed, your image will be firmly cemented in history as part of the NFT Pixel Project. If your image contains either hateful, pornographic or gore content then it will strictly not be accepted and we will ask you to provide another image.